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class EffectReg

Defined in:  TSEffects.h
The EffectReg class represents a custom effect type.

template <class classType> class EffectReg : public EffectRegistration

Template Parameters
classType The custom effect class.

EffectReg(EffectType type, const char *name);

type The effect type.
name The effect name.
The EffectReg template class is used to advertise the existence of a custom effect type. The Effect Manager uses an effect registration to construct a custom effect. The act of instantiating an EffectReg object automatically registers the corresponding effect type. The effect type is unregistered when the EffectReg object is destroyed.

No more than one effect registration should be created for each distinct effect type.
Base Classes
EffectRegistration All specific effect registration classes share the common base class EffectRegistration.
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