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Input Manager

Action Represents an action that can be triggered by an input control.
AxisControl Encapsulates an axis input control.
ButtonControl Encapsulates a button input control.
DeltaAxisControl Encapsulates a delta axis input control.
DirectionalControl Encapsulates a directional pad input control.
GenericButtonControl Encapsulates a generic button input control.
InputControl Encapsulates an individual input device control.
InputDevice Encapsulates an individual input device.
InputMgr The Input Manager class.
JoystickDevice Encapsulates a joystick device (desktop only).
KeyboardDevice Encapsulates a keyboard device.
KeyButtonControl Encapsulates a key button input control.
LinearAxisControl Encapsulates a linear axis input control.
MouseDevice Encapsulates a mouse device.
OrbisDevice Encapsulates a PlayStation 4 game controller device (PS4 only).
RotationAxisControl Encapsulates a rotation axis input control.
SliderControl Encapsulates a slider input control.
XboxDevice Encapsulates an Xbox controller device (Windows only).
Class Hierarchies
InputControl Hierarchy

InputDevice Hierarchy