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namespace Math

Defined in:  TSComputation.h
The Math namespace contains miscellaneous mathematical functions.

namespace Tombstone { namespace Math {...} }

Member Functions
Math::GetTrigTable Returns a pointer to a table of precomputed cosine and sine values.
Math::DistancePointToLine Calculates the distance from a point to a line.
Math::SquaredDistancePointToLine Calculates the squared distance from a point to a line.
Math::DistanceLineToLine Calculates the distance between two lines.
Math::SquaredDistanceLineToLine Calculates the squared distance between two lines.
Math::SolveLinearSystem Solves the n × n linear system Mx = r.
Math::LUDecompose Performs the LU decomposition of an n × n matrix M.
Math::LUBacksubstitute Uses an LU-decomposed matrix to solve a linear system.
Math::LURefineSolution Refines the numerical solution to a linear system previously calculated by LU decomposition.
Math::SolveTridiagonalSystem Solves a linear system having a tridiagonal coefficient matrix.
Math::CalculateEigensystem Calculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors for a 3 × 3 symmetric matrix.
Math::CalculatePrincipalAxes Calculates the principal axes for an arbitrary set of points.
Math::ClipSegment Clips a line segment against a plane.
Math::GetPolygonArea Returns the signed area of a polygon.
Math::ConvexPolygon Returns a boolean value indicating whether a given polygon is convex.
Math::PointInConvexPolygon Returns a value indicating whether a point lies within the interior of a convex polygon, lies on its boundary, or lies outside the polygon.
Math::ClipPolygon Clips a convex polygon against a plane.
Math::TriangulatePolygon Triangulates a convex or concave polygon having genus zero (i.e., no holes).
Math::TriangulatePolygonalComplex Triangulates a convex or concave polygon having nonzero genus.
Math::RandomInteger Returns a random integer number.
Math::RandomFloat Returns a random floating-point number.
Math::RandomUnitVector2D Returns a random unit-length 2D vector.
Math::RandomUnitVector3D Returns a random unit-length 3D vector.
Math::RandomUnitQuaternion Returns a random unit-length quaternion.
Math::RandomPointInsideDisk Returns a random point inside a circular disk.
Math::RandomPointInsideSphere Returns a random point inside a circular sphere.
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