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class AudioCaptureMgr

Defined in:  TSAudioCapture.h
The Audio Capture Manager class.

class AudioCaptureMgr : public Manager<AudioCaptureMgr>

Member Functions
AudioCaptureMgr::StartAudioCapture Starts capturing audio from an input device.
AudioCaptureMgr::StopAudioCapture Stops capturing audio from an input device.
AudioCaptureMgr::PauseAudioCapture Pauses audio capture.
AudioCaptureMgr::ResumeAudioCapture Resumes audio capture.
AudioCaptureMgr::SetAudioCaptureProc Installs a callback procedure that receives raw captured audio data.
The AudioCaptureMgr class encapsulates the audio input functionality of the engine. The single instance of the Audio Capture Manager is constructed during an application's initialization and destroyed at termination.

The Audio Capture Manager's member functions are accessed through the global pointer TheAudioCaptureMgr.