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class Geometry

Defined in:  TSGeometries.h
The Geometry class represents a geometry node in a world.

class Geometry : public RenderableNode

Member Functions
Geometry::GetGeometryType Returns the geometry type.
Geometry::GetMaterialCount Returns the number of material slots.
Geometry::SetMaterialCount Sets the number of material slots.
Geometry::GetMaterialObject Returns a material object.
Geometry::SetMaterialObject Sets a material object.

Geometry(GeometryType type);

The Geometry class serves as the base class for all geometrical nodes in the world. The geometrical information itself is stored in the associated Mesh class and GeometryObject class.

A geometry node can be a generic geometry, a type of primitive geometry, a chunk of voxel terrain, or a piece of a water surface. See the node class hierarchy for a diagram showing the relationships among these types.
Base Classes
RenderableNode A Geometry node is a renderable scene graph node.
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