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The Radio Widget displays a radio button that can be in the selected or unselected state. When a radio button is selected, all other radio buttons in the same group (or in the entire window if the radio button is not in a group) are automatically unselected.

The widget color controls the color of the text.


The following settings are available specifically for Radio Widgets.



Radio Button Settings

Initially selected

Determines whether the radio button is initially in the selected state.

Use highlight when selected

Specifies that the radio button changes to the highlight color when it is in the selected state.

Text is not clickable

Specifies that clicking on the text has no effect and that the state of the radio button can be changed only by clicking directly on the button.

Button color

Specifies the color of the radio button when it is not highlighted.

Highlight color

If checked, specifies the color of the radio button when it's in the selected state if the Use highlight when selected setting is checked, overriding the default highlight color specified by the $hiliteColor system variable.

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